Laser interference refractometer LAZIR 2MK
We envision a scheme where the laser intensity and possibly also frequency are interference of forward-reflected bead-scattered light with the trapping beam. Temperature and Emission Spatial Profiles of Laser-Induced Plasmas A microfluidic refractometer was designed based on previous optofluidic on phenomena accompanied by interference of secondary electrons excited  […]
portable Polarimeter P161M
polarimeter is a scientific instrument used to measure the angle of rotation caused by passing polarized light through an optically active substance. The Chemical Polarimeter is a device used for measuring the rotation of plane-polarized light caused by optically active substances such as organic, inorganic,polarimeter principle polarimeter experiment polarimeter theory polarimeter working polarimeter calibration polarimeter pdf polarimeter principle working how to use polarimeter,The flexible solution for the automatic analysis of optically active substances precise, quick and modular. Polarimeter Selection Guide, Chemical, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Education, University, Laboratory Applications Rudolph Research Analytical […]
How to choose a lens reflex camera
Before we continue the conversation about how to choose a lens reflex camera, is to understand why it all worth buying. What are its main advantages? See for yourself. Matrix SLR exceeds matrix ordinary compact cameras to its physical size. Any photographer will tell you, the matrix - the main part of the camera. As the engine of the car or the graphics card in the computer game - the importance of the matrix in the camera no less. And in her characteristic features such as “physical size.” The larger size of the matrix, the better ceteris paribus will obtain the final shots  […]
Regular suppressor cellular phones NK-3000
Regular suppressor ( silencer , noise generator ) cellular ( mobile , GSM) phones NK- 3000 Prevent leakage of disk imaging device via the mobile communication systems “Alligator” on a product created to block the work of eavesdropping devices using TV systems GSM-900/1800 services and blocking of phones called mobile communication systems within the allocated […]
mobile phone standard GSM Dragonfly -D
Portable suppressor silencer , noise generator cellular  mobile , GSM phones ” A Dragonfly ” mobile phone standard GSM  Dragonfly -D is housed in a portable radio shockproof Midland and secured autonomous batteries , now this you can be sure that your private conversation will not be transmitted via the mobile when you are not […]
Suppressor of cell phones “NK 6000 “
Stationary device oppression Mobile “NK 6000 ” was created for the oppression of cell phones working in the spectra of 800, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz. Radius acts device up to 25 meters . 2 . Device provides : Lock ring tones of mobile phones; Lock remote activation system mobile phone . Termination broadcast conversation  […]
The new tablet Apple IPad 3
The new tablet Apple IPad 3 - new tablet contains some revolutionary new tablet IPad 3 . technologies that have only recently been made ​​by Apple[…]
what types of 3d tv are there
what types of 3d tv are there - All major appliance manufacturers have developed their own systems , Types of 3D TVs are available in various designs and sizes , […]
Plasma TV or HDTV
Plasma TV or HDTV? - When it comes to choosing between Plasma TV and HDTV , you should be guided not only the appearance of each type of TV models to understand […]
Which is better to buy an iron
Which is better to buy an iron It’s time, when the irons were heavy, bulky and uncomfortable to use, has sunk into oblivion . Modern irons are lightweight, aesthetically beautiful, equipped with a host of useful features and come in various price categories . What type of iron is better to buy from the diversity […]
Which is better to buy a blender
Which is better to buy a blender It is important to fill the kitchen space . Usually people try to think through the interior to the smallest detail , from the furniture and finishing cooking utensils. Kitchen - a place where it should be convenient not only consume , but also to prepare the food[…]
Which phone is better to buy
Which phone is better to buy The problem of choice is always relevant , no matter how many articles have been written on this topic. The reason is clear : we want to pay as little as possible , and get as much as possible . Unfortunately, this rarely happens , so the main task  […]
game steering wheel for PC
game steering wheel for PC For most PC owners gaming entertainment for a significant part of the charm of the monitor . One of the most popular genres of computer games have always been racing simulators and arcade. Over time, avid fans of the virtual speed control capabilities with the help of a regular keyboard […]
Ultrasonic BAKU 9050
Ultrasonic BAKU 9050 Ultrasonic BAKU 9050 designed for intensive gentle cleaning objects in a liquid medium under the action of ultrasonic waves held grout . As the cleaning solutions can be used: Drinking water, distilled water , weak acid and alkaline solutions , solvents and other chemicals . In that case, if the cleaning solution[…]
What is a mobile bath Mobiba
What is a mobile bath Mobiba ? There are many ways to warm up in nature, but they are not distinguished by their convenience. There is an exit Mobile bath Mobiba virtually nothing inferior to conventional wooden bathhouses  […]
Used phones threaten sales of Apple and Samsung
Used phones threaten sales of Apple and Samsung A study issued by the the berstin Research Center that used phone market began a negative impact on the sales of new phones for major technology companies, particularly the two companies Samsung and Apple. The study showed that companies mobile phones, smart major rely heavily on sales […]
Microsoft offers to buy iPhone devices used
Microsoft offers to buy iPhone devices used   Phone can be replaced in the amount of $ 200 at least A company “Microsoft” wanted to buy smartphone devices “iPhone” used, and produced by the company “Apple” the U.S., in the amount of $ 200 at least, as stated on the company website. And extends the[…]
How to choose a construction hairdryer
How to choose a construction hairdryer Choosing any tool, the more electric , with a minimum set of features, it is important not to make mistakes and focus on the version that you want. In order not to overpay for unnecessary functionality or not to buy a useless tool , is first to find out […]
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